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Speaking of tarot..

I have to call the occult store. They're offering classes, its $95, but you get a deck with it, and it would be good for me I think. I need to practice and learn more. I mean, I know some...but it just seems there's something missing in my tecnique. Maybe the class will give me what I need. I'm not really enthused about the Raider-Waite deck. I've never cared for it, but, its 'free'.
It was pointed out to me that I didn't write about my meeting with blisswhisper. I guess I was tired that night :) So, we met, at the right Starbucks! Yay! He either read my mind or my note. It was a rather pleasant visit. We chatted in the shop for about 2 hours, about various things. He's got quite the sense of humor and is quite charming. I can see why the girls like him! ;) The time went by quick actually. When the shop closed, we talked for a bit in the rain, then hugged and went our ways. That's it. :)
I got the deposit today. YAY!!! I'm either going out to dinner with Bryan, or down to CompUSA to look at computers. Maybe both, if I can convince Bryan. *grin* I want Outback for dinner, haven't eaten there in forever. We may go see a movie on Sunday too.
There was something more I was going to update on...but, I don't remember what it was.....

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