onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Ahhh yes...a good Saturday

I love Saturdays. Plus, I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. Still all stuffed up and sneezing, but not quite as drained. Rob helped me put together the desk last night - well, half of it, we finished it today. They went to a movie last night, and I couldn't comprehend the instructions well enough with a fuzzy head and a growling belly.
And yes! I'm typing away on my new computer!! Yay!! *insert happy dance here* Its so strange, it looks almost like McIntosh crap. (Yes, I'm a pc girl through and through) Everything is much larger than I'm used to! I shrank it down some, but still. Oh my...feel like I'm reading the "large print" version. I must say, I like the Windows XP windows boxes though. Not too many color schemes for them...such a shame. I have a new dragon theme on my desk top, and managed to find a color scheme in windows to match it. Yay!
I went to coffee with tarawn this morning. Had a delightful couple hours over a cinamon spice mocha and a croissant. Best way to spend a Saturday (or Sunday) morning if you ask me! When I got back, Jenni, Rob and I hit a few errands. We went to Freddie's...and the glitter called to me. Yes, I broke down and bought some body glitter. Got some fuzzy posters to color too (G) I can't age play, cuz I never leave 'little space'! ;) We were going to go to Sacred Traditions, but they didn't have time. Dinner at her mom's. We hit Costco though, and did a bit of shopping there. Got Rob his allergy meds, and some food items. Ate dinner there....love those Costco dogs.
I have to clean this living room...there's boxes all over still! The cats though are having way too much fun climbing in them. I also have to get rid of that broken chair, which is currently in the hall and in the way. I don't know what to do with it though. It breaks my heart to get rid of it - I love that chair. But, there's no point in keeping it either *sigh* I guess that its off to the dump with it. *cringe*
Tonight, I work the spot..think I'll use some of my body glitter *grin* I have Gold and a dark bluish color. Wooo. Maybe with my little black dress. Hmmm....yeeaahhh...
Tomorrow, off to see a movie with Bryan. Then later in the afternoon, a class for beginning bdsm. Rob and Jenni are going to go, and she wanted me to go with. Besides, it couldn't hurt me either...not like I'm an expert! It should be interesting. After that, another volunteer shift.
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