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Well I finally got my sorry ass to bed at 5 am this morning. I had it in my mind to set the alarm for 8 am, knowing that I hit the snooze for some time before I actually get up. I had to meet Bryan at 10:30 am for breakfast and the movie. I figured an hour would give me enough time to get ready and get going. Apparently, at 5 am, the brain was not wired to do this properly. The alarm, when I finally realized what time it was and got up..was set for 9 am. *sigh*
I got out of bed, and got dressed. No time for a shower. Erg. Its okay though..I made it on time. Unfortunately, Starbucks at Pacific Place doesn't open until 11 am, and then there's no breakfast. I settled on a delicious chicken ceaser. We had a delightful chat over brunch and headed out to see the movie.
We went to see A Walk to Remember. Excellent flick. Total tear jerker..described to Bryan as the Steel Magnolia's of this generation. I can see why. I came out with mascara all over my cheeks. Urgh. I hate crying in public...even in a dark theater. It was a very good movie though, and I recommend seeing it. After the movie, we went to Illuminations..I had to pick up some more wax for the burner. I got some new scents this time around.
I wasn't even paying attention to the time at all, didn't realize until a few minutes after 3 that I had to be at the club to meet Jenni and Rob. I got there at 3:30, and got into the class. No Jenni, no Rob. Jenni told me when I came home that they were running late, and there was a sign on the door when they got there that no more admittance. I got a lot out of the class I think, but I was super tired, so we'll see how much of it actually absorbed.
Found out that my ambassador shift was at 7 pm..the class didn't let out until 6:15. By this time, I'm running on little sleep, little energy and little food. I wasn't really hungry, so food wasn't a particular concern. I drove to grandma's and took a quick shower only to drive back to the club. Totally spaced that the club had showers that I could have used. Duh. It would have been nice to curl up on one of the couches for a few minutes and just zone. I was there until 10 pm..and I actually left at 10 pm. I've been spending the time at home catching up on things, and feeding myself.
I'm finishing my hot cocoa now and heading to bed I think. Tyr popped on, but I see that he's been knocked off again. I'm kinda hanging around for him for a few...and to see if I can clear out my email...but I'm not sure I'll do that. There's a lot there for the weekend!

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