onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

People never fail to amaze me...

In their closed little boxes. Now, don't get me wrong, I have my boxes too. I got a yahoo IM from a complete stranger today...he started out well, said hello. In his next sentence, he stated that "upon lookint at your profile, you seem more into the fantasy than reality". Meaning, the fantasy of bdsm. He based my whole personality on a few clubs listed in my yahoo profile, which *are* roleplay, yes...but, still. I told him if he ever hoped to find someone that maybe he should keep in mind that what you see online is only a fraction of what someone may be. He doesn't know that I enjoy reading fantasy books, or that for me, bdsm is a lifestyle as well as a fantasy. He doesn't know that my eyes are green and I love to smile. He doesn't know that I adore my puddle jumper Daewoo...or that I love to spend a lazy afternoons with good friends, good food and a great movie. Its no great loss that he won't know these things...I don't know him from dick. What bothers me is that he approached me, online (which in my opinion is pretty much a fantasy world in and of itself), with the intent of cyber or some such, then made assumtions based on a list of clubs. Am I then, in order to give the 'right' impression, to join a bunch of 'real life' clubs that I have little to no interest in? Chya. Guess the cyber world will just have to do without knowing me....
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