onyx (onyxangel) wrote,


Fucking cunt whore stupid fuck idiot.....*snarl*
Little bitch calls me up with NO information, isn't able to verify the account, can't do a call back because its in her husband's name, not hers...yet, she doesn't know the cc, the pw...amazingly (and I can see why...poor bastard) husband no longer lives there. Can't imagine. Stupid fucking whore...take a bottle of midol. *snarl* She can't verify the account - has spent 20 minutes yelling at me because of it..and then calls me a stupid bitch.
Well, dumbass, should not be allowed to breed bitch fuck...if you had noticed..oh 3 MONTHS ago that you were being billed you could have taken care of this before you were dumb enough to throw out the cc, hmn? Yet, I'm the stupid one. *snarl*

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