onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Me and the full moon....

Are not always a good combination. Today would be a perfect example of that. 3 days before...3 days after...*whimper* Though, looking at the night sky, it was absolutely beautiful. Or would have been had it not been covered by thick black clouds. Perfect. *smirk*
Attempted to do dinner with tarawn tonight, but no avail. Poor man is working late..so, I ordered pizza instead. Dinner tomorrow night, maybe. Was considering laundry tonight too, but once again, I feel lazy. Bleh.
Talked to bonzo boy today..must remember to email Bryan. boy wants to get together this weekend...claims he has new friends for us to torment ;) Wooo! Bring it on! Oh...and once again...I've been dubbed 'electro sex girl'. Not sure if I should be annoyed, amused or proud *erph*.
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