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Well, I just read his journal. He's back to updating, which is good. But, it makes me miss him even more. I like that I can keep up, don't get me wrong. I just don't feel the same connection with him that I did. *sigh* Oh, I'm by no means saying that I'm giving up on us....no! Not even near being ready to do that...I know its the distance between us that makes me feel this way. I always did say that it probably wouldn't be easy, and I never expected it to be. But, there was a connection when he was here that I just don't feel....
I don't see him online but for a few minutes here and there, when I'm lucky enough to catch him. I'm hoping the Fates will be nice and we'll be able to talk more once he gets his own phone line. I miss him, a lot. I know he's been gone before, and during some of those times I haven't seen him much...this shouldn't be much different...but, maybe its that he won't be home in a month this time. *sigh* I keep myself busy..but, it only helps some. Deep down, I miss having that connection with him...I miss having him drive my car, I miss having him in bed next to me...and I even miss listening to his radio station with him. What I miss most of all, at this moment, is kissing him.
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