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Murphy's law and my computer...

I was supposed to have my cable modem installed yesterday. Did this happen? No, of course not. Murphy's law reigns supreme. I'm beginning to despise Murphy. So, I get the computer set up...and it works fine. I'm even playing cards on it. Cable guy gets there...poof. It shuts off. Just..shuts off. Now, naturally, I can't get it to turn back on. Nope. Murphy strikes again. Now I can't get the modem installed, though he was kind enough to set up the line for me. I have a useless cable line in my home at this very moment. What a lucky lil girl I am. The twit *took* the cable modem...as if I can't call tech support and install it later. Nooo..that would be easy. Why should I be able to do that?
So, I pack up the tower, put it in my car and head to the mall. I called CompUSA. Yes, they repair. I get there, stand in line with tower in hand for a few minutes while bozo behind the counter speaks to another employee. Uhm, HELLO?? Excuse me....this isn't exactly LIGHT. The woman in front of me, who's just standing there, mind you....is just looking at me. Then states, after I've been there about 5 minutes and bozo behind the counter asks, that she's not in line. Can I just smack her? Please? I get the tower up on the counter and I'm looking at the cost of things...$84/hr for labor...and then he charges me $99.97 flat rate. (blinkblink) ERG. (choke, choke) Fortunately, my check didn't go through (grumble). So, I haven't paid for the damn thing....its still in my car.
So, after all this frustration - I head down to Tyr's and then to MoonDoggy's. At Tyr's, I start the bike...which involves cursing and stomping my feet to get it to cooperate. This is, naturally, much to Bryan's amusement. Then, in my infinite wisdom, I leave the garage after managing to get 'her' started...and close the door. I have learned my lesson oh Goddess of Harley's. Never again will I shut a garage door with a running Harley nestled inside. On the bright side, it didn't go through Tyr's kitchen wall. This is a very good thing indeed. I'd hate for him to have to come home and kill me. After that, we head to MoonDoggy's.
I managed to surprise MoonDoggy...and well, the rest of them too. (Huge grin) We discussed bdsm, and I managed to tweak and intrigue one of the guys there (Man, I love corruping people..). Anyway, later in the night it progressed to a discussion of branding..don't ask me how, I don't recall. Anyway, he was talking about irons to use for branding and stuff...and I pop out with "they don't use irons"...and yes, I *do* know. This stopped him dead in his tracks, caused Moon's girl to look at me, promptly question me and decide that she's visiting the club with me. The other guy looked at me with more curiosity than anything..and MoonDoggy looked at me like he wanted me to prove how I knew. It was quite funny..even though I hadn't really meant to say anything. It was then commented on that the irons were what were used on bovines..which isn't possible on people. I think I scared him when I said they didn't brand people the way they brand cows. I heard "how..?" and promptly explained mine was done with a needle and a candle...amazingly, nothing more was said. So, now, Jamie wants to go to the club, MoonDoggy looks totally unsure..Steve is all excited and determined to go..and Charlie, well, he's curious and afraid. (Grin) My job is done.
Today, we went and checked out Best Buy. Much cheaper to get the work on my puter done. But, I talked to Tim who said he'd come down and do it. He's supposed to be down Thursday..but, may have to change that. That's when Tyr comes home (HUGE grin). So, gotta get that all worked out..then can get cable modem. Yay!
More good news...got my storage all done on Saturday. It's being delivered next Saturday...so, I'll have furniture!! Yay!! Hopefully Murphy will leave me alone.

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