onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Some days you just don't want to get out of bed...

And that last couple have been just that way. Yesterday started out okay, but by the time I went home I was bitchy and depressed. I had a possible dinner guest, who ended up cancelling. I'm glad he told me before work was out. That left me alone for the night, feeling lonely and wanting company. *sigh* Shifting gears, I figured I'd cook myself something quick to eat and sit on the couch and read for awhile. Drowning my sorrows in a book usually works. The computer has become boring to me lately, a place to sit and stare. Give it time, it'll start to get interesting again..just going through a phase.
I fixed myself some chicken helper. A nice solution to a craving I've had for a bit, if I do say so myself. For the last couple days I've had a craving for chicken and soy sauce together, but everything I thought of that I could fix wasn't real quick. Lucky for me we had chicken and fried rice helper. Yum!! Craving fed. It was absolutely delicious.
I did get on the computer for a bit - maybe an hour or so. Left all my message systems up and sat on the couch. I ended up watching more tv than reading, but either way it made me feel okay. Reading made me tired, so I ended up falling asleep before Jenni got home. At about 1 or 2 am, I dragged my ass to bed. It was sometime after that that Tyr got online. Found his message to me this morning. Must learn to ask Jenni to log me off when I go to bed. Heh.
I feel a bit better emotionally this morning - though my frustration with work hasn't calmed any. Today we've added 'new' frustrations..or perhaps just visited old ones. We have helpers..who are too busy to help.

We have a resource room for the specific purpose of being able to ask questions and get help in this room (IM room)....questions like "I need approval" or non escalation/complicated things. Yet, the helpers are too busy to keep up with it..and I end up waiting 10 minutes or more just to get a simple 'yes'. Or end up calling the queue anyway, when that's supposed to be just for escalations. The problem is, we have the helpers working both the phone and the room - when the phone gets busy, the room suffers. I suggested a couple months ago that maybe we have one or two helpers work the room only, and not be on the phone and have one or two on phone only. That way, it cuts down on this - the biggest complaint I hear, but no. I understand that we have staffing issues for it. Last I checked, we were supposed to be customer driven....how many customers do you know like to be on hold for 10 minutes over something that should take, at most, 2? Wrap up isn't possible - we have no more than 3 minutes PERIOD. And now they are starting in with verbal and written warning on this. *sigh* I have way more to complain about, but I'm on the phones again....

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