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Well, I think its been another day of runnning the gambit of emotions. Yes, that does include crying, though I didn't. Thankfully. I was still at work. I've calmed some since being home, but can't say that its been by much. I want company, but I don't really wanna talk to anyone.
I stopped by the store, came home with more than I wanted, but all useable stuff. Got some litter for the kitties, which I'm sure they'll be overjoyed about in a couple days. Got some cinnamon, finally. And some new creamers, and regular cream. I'm all set for nights of hot cocoa. Speaking of which, I'm going to finish up a conversation, then go read. I'll make myself a nice big mug of hot cocoa, complete with some creamer and marshymellows. Another night to 'drown my sorrows'. Except...I don't have anything good for background noise...and I can't find the flippin' remote *grumble*
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