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On lunch. Whew. Made it through half the day. Feeling better, headache has subsided to an almost numb throb. I hate migraines. Made it to the bank today to deposit the rent money, since I sent the check out last week. Made it in time. whew! Though I can say, thank God I get paid on Friday (or Monday, still have to remember to change that damn deposit). Took a vitamin earlier this morning, and it helped, but now I'm kinda shakey. I'm debating on whether I want to take one now or not. I got out of the habit of taking them. I don't always get shakey, just usually when I first start.
Tim came over last night, we watched some tv and gabbed. It'll be nice having him closer to my end of town. My resident puker expert ;) Got a message from lizard man...*blink* surprise, surprise. He said that he's moved down to my area, and should be online more often in the coming weeks. Here I thought he'd forgotten about me. Our tub is leaking again, but I forgot to bring in the number for the maintenance man, so I guess I call him tonight if I'm home early enough. I have the DM training tonight for the club, then I may go to mom's to get a few things. I had a list earlier, but now I can't remember what it was *sigh*

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