onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

An hour and a half left, or a little less. Whew. Good. Call volumes have spiked lately, and I don't know why. The light has been red all day long, was like this last week too *sigh* I saw yellow for like a megasecond about an hour ago or so. Considering, today has gone by incredibly fast, and not been too bad. I thought it would be horrible, usually ends up that way when I wake up with a headache.
I may skip the DM training this month, and go when they offer it again. The only reason I want to take it is so I can do a better job at rover. Solution: I just won't volunteer as rover anytime soon. Heh. However, I am considering hitting mom's house..rumor has it grandma won't be there for dinner. I remember at least some of waht I wanted to get - the cookbook program, some of grandma's recipies so I can enter them and make that damn cookbook for her that I've been meaning to do for like 2 years now, the book I need to return to the club as well as assorted reading material, my bathrobe, and the EQ disk since Tim lives so close and can get me all set up. Heh.
I have a customer who is arguing with me about filing fraud. *blink* He doesn't want to fill out the paperwork via the credit card. Its too much hassle to protect himself apparently. Stupid. I don't understand people. Personally, I'd rather be a little inconvenienced with paperwork than have who knows how much charged in my name. I have enough financial troubles without anyone's help, thank you.

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