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Roomie to the rescue..

I forgot my lunch today. I'm not used to having left-overs. Observant roomie that she is, she notices that I have a habit of forgetting to take lunch and brings it in for me (grin) Bless her! I think today is a potluck though for the Holidays.
Today I'm going to a wedding. Yes, a wedding. I wasn't aware of this until yesterday. A coworker is having her wedding here today, and we can go. What a place and way to get married..I hope they have a cerimony planned for later :) I already know what I want for a wedding...if I ever get married. No, its not exactly traditional. Besides the hand-fasting (which I do want) I want a midevil wedding. I know Excalibur in Las Vegas does them. These are at the moment all future speculations...thought upon since the tender age of 15.
One of these days, I'll just start posting random memories...now won't that be fun for ya'll? (grin). The bank finally forwarded my check from the old account...I have money! ~does happy dance~ At least until I pay bills...but, hey. I can pretend to be rich for a moment (grin)
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