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Its Friday!!

Yes! I made it. I survived the week. I feel strangely elated, as if the storm cloud has lifted. My apartment is still a mess, but as of last night the carpets were almost dry. I got out the house last night, and had a great time. Even got to meet a couple new people. And to think, I didn't want to work the grind. My muse seems to have returned, if only for the few storylines I have going in the roleplays. Oh, and I added a few new roleplays. I discovered msn communities *grin*
I'm broke. Dead broke. Today, though, is payday, and reminder that I have to get that stupid direct deposit straightened out so I don't have to wait 2 extra days for my money. But, its Friday, and life is good. No calls in the queue right now, this morning was just busy enough to make it go by quickly. The customers rather pleasant. I haven't gotten to talk to Tyr pretty much all week, and that's been disappointing. *sigh* But, maybe, just maybe he'll be on for a bit tonight. I can hope anyway. I still miss him, but, right now, I feel fine. Happy even.

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