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News for the day...

Okay, first, I must say I feel rather accomplished. I actually started on my B.O.S. (gasp). Nothing major, just went through a few emails and made some new folders. Still, its a start. I got into MS works, which I've never really used before and found some cool things (to me anyway). I found a recipie thing...yay! I've already put it to use. Just two recipies in there so far, but its a start. I just need to get grandma's recipy boxes from her now so I can work on that cook book. Heh. I downloaded nero too. Yay me!
I got an email today from my best friend from high school! I wrote her through classmates.com, and she wrote back! I was sooo happy I wanted to cry. I haven't talked to her in years. I remember living with her right after high school, but its late, so that's a story for another time. She's married (which I knew, she got married before she left state), has 2 kids now. I was there for the birth of her daughter, apparently they have a 4 year old son now. Still can't say that I like her husband much, but I'm glad things are working out for her, and that I found her again. I'm ecstatic!! She's looking at being up here in June. I'd love to see her again. I've missed her. I think about her a lot, I always have. *happy sigh*

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