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Alright...the more I promised earlier. This weekend we celebrated Jenni's bday. Friday was nothing spectacular...ended up staying up until the wee early morning hours. I talked to Tyr some..got express permission to play around online. Wooohooo! I'm excited because now I can release steam and not have the nagging 'what if'. I like that. I prefer other things, but hey, right now..it works. Fantasies abound.
Saturday I woke up late in the afternoon and realized that I hadn't talked to Bryan about a time. No phone, no pager. Which, I'm determined to fix by the way. My cell was off for Friday because of payment...stupid thing wouldn't let me do it over the phone either...billing address on my bank card and the phone aren't the same. It wasn't so much that I wasn't allowed to do it, because I understood, it was more that I couldn't talk to someone to correct that. GRRRR. So, finally get it all straightened out online, made a payment, but because the payment was $4 short, I had to call in. I ended up just paying the whole damn thing rather than just the past due amount. *sigh* Oh well. Some creative budgeting I guess. Anyway, end result - no Bryan. Grrr.

Saturday night I went down to Tacoma to have dinner with Jenni and friends as the invitation dictated. Found the place okay (whew!). I was surprised to see Rob and Helena there...happily so, mind you. I'd just been thinking about them, wondering why we hadn't heard from them in so long. Well, I hadn't heard through Jenni is more accurate :) Rob was telling me that he really liked Tyr and wanted to keep in touch with him and stuff and has plans for when Tyr gets back. hehehe. I gave him Tyr's email..and he promptly sent one off.
After dinner, we trooped on up to the family fun center near the house - Bullwinkles. We played mini golf. What fun! I've never before thought of the hole shapes as sex toys before...thanks Jenni *smirk* It really was great fun. After that, we grabbed some alkyhol (for those of you not fluent in onyx: alcohol), went home and watched endless episodes of Fushigi Yugi while drinking. I've gotten rather interested in that series....I now have decided I must have a marathon to get all caught up. They were like on the 6th and 7th tapes, and the only one I'd watched was the 1st. Man. (mental note to self: clear weekend with or without Jenni home for the purpose of grabbing mega munchies and camping on the couch in front of Fushigi Yugi...must do...)
Sunday, Helena's Rob and Rob cleaned the kitchen (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!) And Helena's Rob made breakfast. It was good...my tummy just wasn't ready for it. He handed it to me right as I walked out of my bedroom - first thing in the afternoon. After breakfast the women proceeded straight into Fushigi Yugi and hair dying. I'm a redhead again (G)
After that we went back to Bullwinkle's for go carting and video games. Go carting was an absolute blast, been forever since I've done that. We played skiball - that bowling like game, and I got lots of tickets from that. I also played a Harley Davidson game, where its like you're riding a motorcycle. Suffice it to say - I should retake that course *smirk* Been too long since I've ridden one, much less driven.
I had to work last night at the club. It was alright though, not much going on. It was Master/slave night - apparently a new thing. It went pretty well, I think.

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