onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Good morning to you too...

I've discovered early mornings and cats don't mix. Finally got to sleep about 3 am this morning, after forcing myself to put the book down. (PS - Sandybear, I got my own copy of Kushell's Dart...and so far, I *love* it!). I get all comfy warm and drowsy, almost asleep in fact...when what do my ears hear? A thunking clangy sound. Hmmn? I think about it a moment, a little confused. While my mind sorts this all out, my cat, who'd been in the room with me, goes to claw at my door. Now I hear thunky clangy sound and claws against carpet and wood. Fine. I'm up. Happy?
No, of course not. I let my cat out, and discover Pai playing with the new toy which is firmly attached to the window. Okay, no biggie. I leave my door open a bit, so I don't have the two of them clawing at it and go to lay down. I notice the time is about 4:30 or so. I slept...an hour. Yay me. Oh, but we aren't through yet. Oh no. More thunky clangy sounds...which I try to ignore, but it starts to sound like one of them is struggling. Visions of a half hung kitty in my head, I get up and look out into the living room...to find Pai on the chair looking at me as innocent as can be. Right. Glad that she hasn't hung herself, I growl and yank the toy from the window, so I'm not woken up again with visions of the hanged kitty.
Trod back to bed and lay down. Get all comfy cozy warm and half asleep....and yet again, the call of the cat has woken me from my near slumber. *growl* I look over, and the cats are making enough noise to wake the dead....by playing with the toy. In my bedroom...ontop of a plastic bag, and any other noise maker they can find. I leap up with a growl....its now about 5 am, I have to be up in a couple hours. I point to the door, snarling "OUT!" to which Pai goes running. But, Bear? Oh, no. Bear refuses to give up the toy. He sits there and looks at me with those big green eyes as if he's the most perfect angel on this planet. At 5 am???? Yeah, RIGHT! Kitty toy firmly yanked from his gaping maw and his fuzzy butt promptly chased from my room with the final *click* of the door locking in place and I trot back to bed....only to be woken some short time later by the annoying buzz of an alarm clock. *sigh*

Good morning to you too....

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