onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Well, today isn't as bad as yesterday on calls. Whew! I did, however, discover I'm more financially tight than I'd expected. *groan* Why is it that when I try to get caught up it seems I fall further behind? I think I'll ask roomie if I can borrow the money to pay the past cable bill. I can pay her back in the next couple pay checks...this should take care of the biggest bills I think. I just have to get myself organized....and drop all those things that I'm not using anymore. The gym, aol, whatever. I *have* to watch my money. I'm terrible at it..but I have to do it. I mean, figuring it all out, I should be able to pay rent and all my bills, even the couple 'extra' ones I have, and be fine. I should still have money to spare. So, then, why do I find myself struggling? *sigh* I just need someone to teach me money I guess.
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