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Well, its Monday and it feels like it. On the bright side, I checked my bank balance today, not as overdrawn as I thought. Of course, I have two pending charges that haven't gone through yet. Or hadn't this morning that is.

Friday - stayed home, did nothing. Got nada cleaned like I had every intention of doing. Not sure what happened there. Too late when I got back from errands I guess. I played on the puter and went to bed. Woooo.

Saturday - Had every intention of getting up to get some of the cleaning done that I had meant to do on Friday. Didn't happen. Woke up late - had enough time to get ready, hit the bank and get to the class. The class was great! Learned lots already, and have an assignment. She broke it down to numerolgy, which is something that is slightly beyond my grasp..but works in Tarot for me. Go figure. Anyway, the minor arcana is a bit easier. We learned a new layout too - a simple 3 card yes/no layout. I'll relate it later. After class I did a bit of shopping for Tyr :) Got him a couple books I'm sure he'll like, a incense holder, some insense and something else I think though I don't remember off hand what it was. Made mental notes for future trips *grin*
After class I raced up to Lynnwood to see Spex for his birthday. We met at Olive Garden. Dinner was delicious and fun, had a great waitress. Saw Jeremy, which was something I hadn't expected..lots to update on there. Wooo. Life changes quick! Also saw a couple other people. I had to dash after desert to get to the club on time for my shift. I did get to see him open his main gift though, which was a single tail. Very nice. Tyr has informed me that he wants one eventually...guess I have to consider being on the other end of it now *smirk*
After dinner, I race back down to Seattle to the club. Was only a couple minutes late (whew!), and started my shift. Spex, oblivia and ryka came down. I'm glad they did..sometimes I miss the old crowd. I liked socializing with them at the club. I didn't play at all, but that's okay. We went to Denny's after the club, like we always used to. We chit chatted about Tarot and other magical things...then went home. I think I arrived at 5 am...and promptly crashed.

Sunday - up too late in the afternoon. Didn't do anything again..but wasn't feeling real motivated for 'girlie' reasons. Sucks. Went to bed too early this morning...and now, I'm here.

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