onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

My family...

Here's a perfect example of how my family works:

Grandma nags Aunt for Easter dinner. Aunt finally gives in, tells grandma to let everyone know. Usually this is a week or two before said event (any event will do). Grandma forgets until 2 days before to tell mom (this is on a good week, sometimes she forgets until we're supposed to be there). Mom calls me...the one who's notorious for not having her phone on, charged or check voice mail. She, of course, can't get ahold of me because lo and behold, true to my nature, my cell is dead. Nevermind that if she truly wanted to get ahold of me, all she had to do was drop me email or check an IM system..any would do, heaven knows I have most of them. I don't know about the impending Easter dinner. End result: Grandma complains that I'm not at Easter dinner.

Welcome to my family.
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