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Its amazing to me just how small the world can seem sometimes..even the vast cyber world. Point in case..and I've left a comment on his journal..but wolfieboy. I followed links to his journal, and discovered through various means (Okay, really, catbus and Norwescon gave it away) that I know him personally, and have often given him hugs. I won't say that I know him real well, because I probably don't..but I do know him. Oddly enough....I found him through a journal of someone else I know a little bit. Okay, well hardly at all, but he's someone I recognize, whom I doubt would even remember me. We've exchanged names in passing...if that....and I don't even remember how I discovered his journal...just that, when I did, his name rang a bell, and when I looked at his picture, I recognized him.
Wolfieboy though, should probably recognize me by name, if he really looks. Its altered a bit, but close enough to what I use :) This place of cyber existance never fails to amaze me...
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