onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Whew! I made it through yet another day. Go me. Its always a bonus.
During my last few bits of work, I was flipping through lj's in a futile attempt to keep up, and stumbled across digitalscream's friend's diaryland diary. (Uhm...yeah). I like it. I like the diary set up, and I like the way she writes. Color me envious. I have been talented in my writing, but I doubt I've ever been eloquent. Of course, I am my own worst enemy, and while I'm wrinkling my nose and proclaiming "EW!" my friends and loved ones are going "More!". Shall I believe them or just assume they are just biased and boosting my ego? *grin* Either way, it works. I write for me, and hope that others gain pleasure from my words. But, alas, I do stray from the original thought topic....not highly unusual for my wandering mind.
I was once again thinking of the differences between the journaling systems. For those of you just joining my programming, or those who don't remember past showings..I too was a diarylander. Until I discovered lj. This format seems so much easier for me to work with for some reason. I always felt that I fell short on diaryland...mostly with my posting.
The styles seem so different from one to the other..that it just seems my style fits in more here. I know that really no two journals are alike, regardless of where they're kept..but, I don't know. It just feels more natural here to do the 'meandering thought' thing, which I do on occassion..or the more common short posts throughout the day. It also feels more comfortable swearing here. Don't ask, I don't know, I'm just weird that way I guess. All in all, this format just seems easier for me to process in my own little mind, and therefore easier for me to manipulate. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to knock diaryland..its a wonderful program for those who can manipulate it well. I just didn't feel like one of them.
I can also get and leave comments much easier on this system...I like to know that people read what I write, regardless of how boring and mundane. I dunno..maybe deep down I'm an exhibitionist. *grin* Maybe for me, this is like opening up my living room windows and hoping someone dares to take a peek inside. You may just find furntiure...or you could find something more exotic. Or maybe, its a way of 'giving back'. I like to look into other people's lives...and this allows them to return that. Or maybe its just some far off twisted form of affirmation.

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