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Well, poor digitalis may read this twice, but I stumbled upon it in her journal. I had every intention of just commenting on her journal, but now I feel in the mood to expand on this. The journal I'll be commenting on is tasharavenscry. This journal won't allow me to post comments there, or I would.

Tasha states: women's emotions flow from one another much smoother and easier than man-to-woman. It's a point blank truth , though anyone can cut it up and dissect into a million little pieces, women with women merely connect on a more primeaval emotional level.

I have to disagree that its a 'point blank truth'. To whom? Not to me, that's for certain. If its true for her experiences, great! But, it isn't for mine. On the whole, being around other women is awkward for me. I don't know how to relate to them, even on a 'non-romantic' level. Of course, this 'point blank truth' may be for gay women, of which I am not.
Point of fact, in my experience, my emotions 'flow' better when I'm with a man. Perhaps this is the result of being a tom boy at a young age. When I was growing up, for a long time, I was the only female in the neighborhood. Of course, this gave me some insight to how men think and react to things. Oh, I won't pretend to understand them any more than I understand my own gender. Which..I don't.
In my experiences, women are much more confusing and underhanded. This does not, in my opinion, make a 'smooth flow'. I have had very few good experiences with women, primarily due to that distinct lack of emotional flow I have with them. I by no means associate with my 'masculine' side more...in fact, I'm far from masuline. Conversely, I wouldn't really consider myself feminine either, but I suppose that depends on one's definition of feminine. Let me say that mine is the girly girl..all pretty pink lace and ribbons kinda girl. Not me.
This, however, strays from the original thoughts about the journal. Which was primarily to say, that this isn't 'point blank fact'. I know I can't be the only female out there who gets along better on an emotional level with her male counterparts than she does her female counterparts.....
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