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Card Reading

I did this for myself. As always, feed back is welcome. I drew three cards from my Lovecraft deck. No specific query, just whatever was on my mind at the moment, I guess.

King of Disks
Knight of Swords

Whatever it is I want, I need to make a practical plan for it. I need to pursue it vigorously.


Daily Draw

I need to start working with my cards more. In an effort to weave the cards together and get to know them better, I'm doing a "daily draw" - though I don't know how daily it will be. I'm just going to ask the cards what I need to consider and draw three of them.

Today, I just cut the deck three times and flipped each part over. I'm using my Lovecraft deck.

Three of Swords - Disruption
Eight of Wands - Swift action
Ten of Cups - Achievement realized

those are my three cards to consider throughout the day and how they relate to each other.


One Word/Phrase Tarot Card Meanings

I actually got this from a tarot instructional site and thought I'd see if it helped me. I've had them written in my journal for awhile, but I'm going to post them here too.

Major Arcana

Fool - New beginnings
Magician - Manipulation
High Priest - Wisdom, Teaching
Empress - Vitality
Emperor - Virility
Herophant - Tradition
Lovers - Coming together
Chariot - Conquest
Strength - Control
Hermit - Secrets revealed
Wheel - Transformation
Justice - Balance
Hanged Man - Crossroads
Death - Transition and rebirth
Temperance - Purification
Devil - Temptation
Tower - Sudden change
Star - Hope
Moon - Concealment, Caution
Sun - Revelation
Judgment - Favorable ruling
World - Completion

Minor Arcana

Wands - Action

King - Impatience
Queen - Authority over others
Knight - Action without thought
Knave (Page) - Ambitions
Ace - Motivation and determination
Two - Resolution and boldness
Three - Good prospects
Four - Celebration of success, Harmony
Five - Struggle for dominance
Six - Rewards of labor
Seven - Confrontation
Eight - Swift Action
Nine - Resolve
Ten - Burden and oppression

Cups - Emotion

King - Appreciation
Queen - Emotional distance
Knight - Subtle and crafty
Knave (Page) - Reliable companion
Ace - Renewal, Revitalization
Two - Harmony and union
Three - Celebration, Rejoicing
Four - Restlessness, Loss of interest
Five - Hope dashed
Six - Renewed hope
Seven - Wishful thinking
Eight - Temporary success
Nine - Satisfaction
Ten - Achievement realized

Sowrds - Though

King - Force of will
Queen - Decisive action
Knight - Planning
Knave (Page) - Remorseless in pursuit of purpose
Ace - Intellectual clarity
Two - Truce
Three - Disruption
Four - Rest after struggle
Five - Defeat, failure
Six - Resolution
Seven - Unstable effort
Eight - Unforeseen set back
Nine - Hardship
Ten - Ruin and mental collapse

Disks - Material/money

King - Practical and reliable
Queen - Intuitive
Knight - Conservative
Knave (Page) - Frugal
Ace - Productive labor
Two - Change
Three - Skilled labor
Four - Earthly power
Five - Material troubles
Six - Prosperity
Seven - Unprofitable labor
Eight - Craftsmanship; care over details
Nine - Wise management; material gain
Ten - Wealth, Prudent investment


Things done...

Finish emptying dishwasher - today - done
Put away pots and pans - today - done
Wash last night's dinner pans - today - not done, will do in morning
Sweep kitchen floor
Put new vacuum together - done
Finish cleaning music room - today (not much left, mostly "touch up" stuff and vacuuming)- done
Clean basement where freezer was
Laundry (folding too)
Clean dining room
Call or email on financial aid (I have a contact for the days that my person is gone)
Call on the Keurig coffee maker
Fill dishwasher - today - done

Oh...and I glued the legs back onto the chair. We'll see if it holds.

Plans for tomorrow:

Call Keurig
Call/email financial aid alt contact
Finish kitchen
Fold clothes in dining room
Clean dining room
Bring bins up to porch/yard

General to do list:

Clean basement - including bleaching the floor
Clean bedroom
Finish laundry
Clean upstairs hallway
Get kids to clean their room
Bake cookies

Lots of things to do. Hopefully some of these tasks won't take as long as I think they will. It feels really good to have a clean living room - and it's stayed clean for a couple days now. That's improvement. The kitchen, too, has managed to stay clean for a few days. I'm getting anxious about the financial aid and hopefully I can reach someone tomorrow. I'd love to be able to register on the 28th to be sure I get into the classes. Ugh.


Just a reminder to myself

Things done today:

Picked up living room
Put couch back together
Folded blankets and put them up
Partially emptied dishwasher

Things left to do:

Finish emptying dishwasher - today
Put away pots and pans - today
Wash last night's dinner pans - today
Sweep kitchen floor
Put new vacuum together
Finish cleaning music room - today (not much left, mostly "touch up" stuff and vacuuming)
Clean basement where freezer was
Laundry (folding too)
Clean dining room
Call or email on financial aid (I have a contact for the days that my person is gone)
Call on the Keurig coffee maker
Fill dishwasher - today


Gah...just gah.

So, I'm having a quiet cup of coffee. Well, semi-quiet anyway - given that the kids are home. The oil truck is in the drive way, filling our oil tank. Kids are eating lunch. I get a call on my mobile - from recycling, about a freezer pick up. What? Uhm, no....do you have the right number? Yes, he does. Right address even and my grandfather's name. Everything checks out - except that I'm not aware of *any* freezer pick up scheduled. Call mom - sure enough, she's scheduled one. She thought it was later in the week. So, now, I have to scramble to get my laundry out of the way of the workshop door, so they can come in through that way. Oh, let's not forget that the top of the freezer has a decade worth of stuff on it. Fortunately, it wasn't much. Ooohhh...yeah. Open door - smells *bad*. I mean, bad. And there's stuff *in* the freezer. Mush. All of it. Icky, moldy, disgusting mush. Guess who got to do that clean out? Yeah, yours truly. I want a shower, but I can't turn on the heat yet. I have to wait for an hour to turn on my furnace again. I wasn't paying close attention to the time - the receipt says 1:45 - which, I know it's not that yet, but that's what I'm going by. My socks are wet and dirty - drippings from that icky mush and from going outside in hastily tied rain boots and short pants while I went out to drag the trash bin back to the back door in the basement so I don't have to track that crap through the house. The truck guy was nice enough to drag that trash bin onto the porch once I had it back to the front of the house. I'm cold, I'm cranky - and to top it all off, my coffee is luke warm and I have to restart the show I'd been watching. Grrrrr.

Oh yes, and my future? Cleaning that space the freezer was in. Cobwebs, dirt and that icky liquid stuff that I have to mop....from a concrete floor. All before I can even think about separating my laundry again, cause it was always up against that freezer. Yeah. Lovely. Fucking lovely.


Financial aid.

I emailed the contact on Friday morning and she said I'd know the status of my financial aid "shortly". I didn't email yesterday, figuring to give a bit of leeway and extra time. I have no idea how long it takes once someone starts working on a file. She stated in Friday's email that she was working on mine at that time. I email her today - and get an automated response that she's out of the office until the 25th. Registration begins on the 28th. Really?? Do you *really* think that NOW is a good time to take a few days????

Good day

So far, it's been a pretty good day. We had a bump in the log with G's attitude here just a few minutes ago. But, I think that's resolved.

I've been pretty good about sticking to my self imposed schedule with chores. The kids have had their computer time today as well as some outside time. J's had some tv time, though G's has been limited because of punishment. Right now, we're on a lunch break but we'll start cleaning again - well, the kids will start, I'll start again.

I've cleaned the kitchen..thankfully it's been mostly clean for a few days now. Yesterday when B came over, all I had to do was some touch up and a little bit of washing. We had tacos for dinner. I like not having to spend 30 minutes prior to dinner cleaning. It felt good to have a guest over and not worry about how messy the kitchen is when they're eating dinner here. I finished cleaning up dinner dishes and stuff. I swept the floor, though I haven't mopped it. I did that two days ago, I don't really want to do it again. I was hoping once a week would be fine, but it doesn't look like it's going to be.

The rest of the house, except the living room, is in shambles. Still, I wasn't real antsy about company, like I can be sometimes. I picked up the living room a little. There's more to be done today, but it's mostly pick up. The kids will help with that. Then we'll do the music room, which now that I actually look at it, doesn't look like it will take *too* long, thankfully. The kids will help with that too, since a lot of it looks like it's their clothing.

I'm proud of myself for snack too. I have some grapes and my cherry water. No soda. I've been reverting back to 2-3 sodas a day. I've got to stop doing that if I have any hope of loosing weight. I haven't been on a regular exercise schedule of late, and I need to do that too. Once the house gets to a better place, clean wise, I'll pick that up again. In the meantime, there's no reason that I can't take little steps - such as water throughout my day rather than soda. Grapes are a great snack too. I need more fruits/veggies in my diet. I've been trying to incorporate them more in dinners too. Gotta expand my tastes!

I've played Rifts today and I plan on playing WoW for a little bit before returning to work. All in all, it's been a good day so far.


Yesterday, (Sunday) we went to dinner with a friend. After dinner, we went through the mall a little bit. Everything closes so early around here though. We ended up going to Best Buy for a couple items that we wanted. Though, before that we did stop by Game Stop and get me a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Yay! I haven't played my copy of it yet, but I have sent the rental copy back.
At Best Buy, we bought phone covers for both of us. I got new headphones, which should fit better hopefully. We bought our friend a mouse - a Hello Kitty mouse with a floaty thing in it. It was adorable! We both liked the floaty. I didn't get a mouse though, because the plan was to get me a gaming mouse. We couldn't find it at Best Buy though. What we did find was a new pc for me. D thought it would be better than trying to upgrade the one I had for another year. Once I get the music room cleaned up some, that pc will go downstairs. Which is good, because I have a Chinese program to teach the language to the kids and I don't really want them in my room *that* often. I wasn't planning on spending that much money, but it's well worth it. D said I can get MS Office 2010, which I'll need Word for school.
Today was spent running around. We got me a copy of Civilization 5 yesterday too - I spent a good part of my afternoon on that. It's a slower paced game than other MMOs, but I still enjoy it. Of course the new pc is all set up - and I've downloaded WoW and Rifts. I've been on a bit. The new monitor is sooo much nicer than the one I had before - which wasn't a bad monitor, really. The images are so much sharper.
Today, I got my gaming mouse. It was at Best Buy - back by the gaming things. You know, the place we *didn't* look. It's a really nice mouse. It has 12 number keys and 2 programmable keys. I think I can have different profiles/toons on it too, but I'm not entirely sure yet. It's a Razer Naga. We also got me a gaming keyboard, but D won't let me hook that up yet. My desk needs to be cleaner he says. Even though it is pretty clean right now.
The paperwork from the school was also faxed in. I got an email about the application for admission. I have to do the orientation before I can register. And then it says I have to do a placement test. I'll have to read the other information I have, but I could have sworn it said that I did not have to take the placement test. I guess I'll have to call tomorrow. I want to anyway, to make sure they received the fax for financial aid. I don't want to spend any of the tax return yet - not until I know about the financial aid.
Once again, I didn't get much done on the house. The plan is that tomorrow I will get some done. The living room isn't bad, so I may start there. I finally got some dust pans, so I can sweep that kitchen floor too. It's getting bad. The kitchen in general is getting better, despite other family members leaving crap all over the place. I have a full day of cleaning in front of me, but I'm okay with that. I just want it done.

To do:

Call financial aid
Call Keurig about the new coffee machine which seems to have stopped working
Pick up living room and vacuum
Clean kitchen - including floor


I didn't post the last couple of days - I've been too exhausted. Last night, we went down to the club and played. By the time we got home, I was more than ready for bed!
Tonight, we went to Jae's school for the reptile man. The program was about an hour long and he had several animals to show. He was pretty funny as well as informative. The kids had their pictures taken with a python and an alligator. It was a small alligator - but, good lord, it was half the size as Jae!! In her picture, she's grinning...but in her picture with the snake, she looks a bit scared. Brave girl!! Hold the alligator but not the snake!
I heard back from FAFSA. I've been denied through them, because of a defaulted loan. However, I may be eligible for some other programs. I contacted the school and they've sent me some paperwork to fill out and return. People have also given suggestions on facebook. On the school's recommendation, I've applied for enrollment. I'll call on Monday to be sure they've received the forms and that the registration was done correctly. I'm *really* hoping that I can get aid, I'm still excited about possibly returning to school.