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All my soul within me burning

Merely this and nothing more

10 May 1973
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The world is a large place, growing with each breath we take, each discovery we make. It's full of sharp edges and soft rounded places, a complexity that is often all too simple. There are mysteries yet to be unraveled, some that will never be revealed. A mystical place that brings joy, pain, life and death to each of us. Sometimes, we view it through jaded eyes, and other times through rose tinted glasses.

And here, in this space, is where I am. I cannot tell you who I will be, for that future has yet to be revealed. I can only tell you where I've been. I can show you the joys, the pain, the complications and simplicities that litter my daily life. I can show you the path that I've travelled thus far, with the grass that's not always green and the flowers that aren't always in bloom. I can even show you the bed I've made - and hope that it's one I want to lie in. I can show you these things with the sharp clarity that only hindsight can bring.

So, come..play in my garden, walk along my path and see the world through my eyes...

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